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Mary South - The Cure for Anything Is Salt Water

"It wasn’t challenging, it wasn’t satisfying, it wasn’t even important to someone else, let alone me! This is the most honest explanation I can give for why I woke up one day, a 40-year-old book editor with virtually no nautical skills, and decided to throw away my old life, buy a boat and go to sea. Fortes fortuna adiuvat was our family motto. And Fortune does favor the brave but - let’s face it - I also had nothing to lose".

После сорока она оставила Нью-Йорк и издательский бизнес, купила яхту и ушла в море, чтобы найти в жизни смысл. Красиво?

Я как и Мэри Сауф не верю в случайности, и могу сказать, что давно пылившаяся в недрах компьютера книжка нашла меня очень вовремя. Я как раз хотела почитать что-то про людей, которые в одночасье начинают новую жизнь. Интересно, что становится поводом, не хочется ли им потом вернуться к привычной рутине, что на что они меняют и т.д.
Тут ответы на все эти вопросы есть. И даже более того, где-то в середине книги Мэри совершает неожиданный каминг-аут, для того чтобы потом даже ее сексуальная ориентация прошла проверку морскими приключениями.

Кстати, цитата: "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea" принадлежит Isak Dinesen. Айзек Динисен - это псевдоним Карен Бликсен. Тем не менее, с собой на борт Мэри взяла не книги Бликсен, а "Анну Каренину".

"I was finally making some progress with old Anna K., after a very slow start. Although I had read Tolstoy’s masterpiece before, I couldn’t remember a thing about it so I thought it would be a meaty choice for a long trip. One of the few advantages of a lousy memory is that you can reread all your favorite books, rewatch all your favorite movies and enjoy them as though it’s the very first time. In theory, anyway. What I discovered is that my tastes had changed a lot in the twenty eight years since I had last read Anna Karenina. Why a prepubescent girl would find the politics of prerevolutionary Russia more interesting (or at least less dull) than a 40-year old woman disturbed me. Had I become dumber with time? But as I forced myself onward, I was gripped by the intricate character portraits Tolstoy drew and by his understanding of human nature. Maybe this was what I had liked about the book the first time. The last time I’d read the book was during “The Year of the Russians.” I was 13, and we were living in Ireland at the time, at Walker’s Lodge in Sligo. I was a reading maniac. We all were. There wasn’t much else to do after we’d finished dinner in the kitchen, the only warm room, which was heated by a big coal range. Sometimes Dad would quiz us on current events or literature. Or we’d listen to Radio Luxembourg count down the top twenty hits and send out dedications while we did our homework at the kitchen table. But bed, with its promise of warmth and privacy, soon beckoned. Armed with a hot-water bottle and a kerosene lantern or candle, off we’d rush to our imaginary worlds. The wind and rain rattled the windowpanes and made the low light flicker on the page. The smell of a struck match still makes me think of those nights in Ireland. I’m not sure why I chose to obsess over the Russians that year, but I’ve always considered it a miracle that I’m neither blind nor severely medicated. Maybe nightly sleigh rides through the bitter cold of St. Petersburg and hard time in the permafrost gulag helped make cold, damp Sligo a cheerier reality by comparison. Maybe this was the beginning of my habit of reckless optimism and deep denial".

Ну и возвращаясь, к соленой воде как лекарству на все случаи жизни, нельзя не заметить скептически, что проблемы часто не решаются простым перемещением в пространстве. Но в то же время полученный новый опыт позволяет переоценить многое. Наверное даже такие штуки полезны, но фокус в том, что применимы они не для всех. Теперь я бы с удовольствием почитала историю "перезагрузки" какого-нибудь женатика с детками-малолетками. Есть такие, ау?

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