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Magic in the Moonlight, 2014

"The world may or may not be with our purpose. But its not totally without some kind of magic"

"I thought it would make an interesting story to take a spirit medium and a scientific, more sophisticated magician and have him fall in love with this fraud. And it would lead to a good situation. And I hired two very very good people. Colin Firth, who is brilliant and Emma who is fabulous. I got out of the way and let them do their thing".

Woody Allen

Все волшебно в этом фильме: пейзажи, история, краски, операторская работа, и конечно же обаяние пары Колин Ферт - Эмма Стоун.
Несмотря на то, что основные "производители" чудес тут Стэнли и Софи, настоящий фокус показала тетушка Ванесса в той самой сцене, после которой Стэнли побежал делать предложение.

А вот, что Вуди Аллен сказал об Эмме Стоун:

About Emma Stone. She's wonderful in the film. Where you fully aware of who she was prior to casting her?

She was in films that I would not have seen. She was in films that were... not that they were bad films, but they were aimed at a completely different market. You know, young adults or college kids. They were of no interest to me. And then I was on my treadmill, which I do everyday, and I surf around to try to kill the boring half-hour that I'm on it. On a couple of occasions I would be surfing through the movies and I'd see, you know, one of those films that she was in. And I pause there for just a moment or two because I could see it was not the kind of film that I would have much interest in, but I saw her. And I think, "My god she is so beautiful and in an interesting way." It isn't just that she's beautiful, but she's beautiful and interesting. And then I notice that she's a good actress.
"I'm very nice to all the actors and I never raise my voice."

She's funny and very believable and I spoke to Juliet Taylor, my casting director, about her, and Juliet, who knows everything about every actor/actress said, "Yeah. She's one of the good people around. She's really a good actress. She's not just beautiful."

And so I met her and we used her for this movie and she was fabulous. And just coincidentally, she was very correct for the movie I'm shooting now with Joaquin Phoenix. So I cast her again.
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