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sports are the only universal anesthetic

Итак, открытие Олимпиады.

Сначала я включила радиотрансляцию на Коммерсант ФМ. Скажите, где они берут таких ведущих? У ребят, буквально, не хватало слов, чтобы описать то, что они видят своими глазами. Это называется - бедная речь и неразвитый кругозор, и я тут же вспомнила очень меткое замечание от светоча моей френдленты - Хамстера про картинки и тексты. Мальчики, которых посадили в эфир для того, чтобы они стали "глазами" радиослушателей, не смогли преобразовать картинку в текст. Эпик фейл. Да, я давно не слушала радио и, возможно, там все такие?

После этого я нашла видеотрансляцию со стадиона с довольно непривычным русскому уху названием "Фишт". Первое, что бросилось в глаза - пустые трибуны. Говорят, что это были места, предназначенные для спортсменов. Тем не менее, первого впечатления не изменить. Потом показали гостей, спящего Медведева я не увидела, да и выключила всю эту бутафорию минут через десять.

А если интересно, что пишут о церемонии открытия, так называемые, иносми, то вот вам подборка:

USA Today

With the exception of some media hotels, which have received the brunt of the pre-Olympic criticism (and rightly so), Sochi has been a city transformed. It is San Jose meets Miami Beach, a smallish metropolis hard by the Black Sea. On Friday night, downtown Sochi was bustling, vendors selling food and alcohol, thousands standing shoulder to shoulder in an attempt to be a part of the giant party by the seaport. The place is immaculate and new, bearing the look of a place that got built in the last seven years - which it has.


And Sochi is basically done. The task of the next two weeks is actually quite simple: Disappear. Olympic debt may one day break the regional economy (as it broke Greece’s) but the complaints of spectators and media, the rampant privileges given to IOC friends and sponsors, even Putin’s prejudice and spectacular corruption will fade as soon as the torch is lit. Sports are the only universal anesthetic, and the gimmicky offerings of the Winter Games are enough to numb the pain.

New York Daily News

A grim look spread across Putin’s face during the snowy meltdown, and a spokesman for Russia’s largest oil company offered a tepid review of the whole thing.
“If the people that were dealing with organizing it and construction would have done it in time, it all would be much fancier,” said Mikhail Leontyev of OAO Rosneft.
The embarrassing failure in the intricately-choreographed ceremony forced organizers to cancel a planned fireworks display.

Washington Post

The most expensive Olympics in history are partly a Potemkin village, an elaborate facade built to impress foreign passersby and to enhance the image of a small, odd, chill-faced man who likes to pose menacingly shirtless in order to seem much taller than he actually is. It’s also a heist: Somewhere along the line, according to Vladimir Putin’s critics, as much $30 billion disappeared, and it didn’t go into the hotels, where the carpets look like scraps from an old office, unless it went into the surveillance that gives new meaning to the phrase bedbugs. Mainly it seems to have gone into creating scale, breathtaking but needlessly immense structures with columns that loom hundreds of feet high, dwarfing individuals into specks. And that’s exactly the point, isn’t it, to make the ordinary citizen quail with helplessness at the power of the “new” Russian state.
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