irenegro (irenegro) wrote,

buenos aires

Нашла интересный блог - человек пишет о своей жизни в Буэнос-Айресе и, вот цитата из записи, посвященной прощанию с городом (автор переехал в Мехико):

What I am certain to miss about Buenos Aires (when we are in Mexico City) is its European aspects: the café culture than can compete with the top three café societies in the world (Vienna, Paris, Rome), the leisurely social meals in restaurants, and the people who so willingly befriended and aided us.
I will miss the weather, which is as close to like the near-perfection of San Diego as any other place I’ve lived. I will miss the large green spaces and how well they are used by the people of Buenos Aires.
Tags: система счастья
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