irenegro (irenegro) wrote,

Country Life magazine - a list of modern rules for men

A true gentleman of the 21st century would never buy fuschia-coloured trousers, plant gladioli or – heaven forbid – own a cat, according to Country Life.

His shopping list will also be placed under scrutiny, with drinking Malibu, the coconut-flavoured rum, and writing with a Biro frowned upon.

The use of Facebook is permitted, in order to keep in touch with one’s “many” god-children, but the gentleman of 2014 would “definitely” not use Twitter.

Nor does he wear Lycra, finish his food before his dining companions or walk out of the theatre before the final curtain falls.

A real gentleman, on the other hand, will make companions feel at ease, curtail his drinking before he becomes disorderly and, intriguingly, only make love “on his elbows”.
Tags: socium
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